WE THE WOMEN unite to protect vulnerable bodies who have been targeted by forms of violence and discrimination. We aim to advocate for health and reproductive rights, LGBTQ nondiscrimination, job equity, domestic shelter and immigration services, among other causes that impact human lives. As citizens it is time to take action. In solidarity, WE THE WOMEN embarks on a campaign to create a series of VISUAL INSTALLATIONS around the nation. The installations will signify stewardship for the rights of women and all voices under threat. Our hope is that our visual work can march where we cannot and act to ignite and connect through the power and vision of art.


Your signature pledges your support in will include you in the making of our visual campaigns. Our installations will be made by volunteers around the nation. An important component to the visual installations is MAKING it. These workshops will be created by children in schools, mothers, friends, volunteers in organizations, artist studios and businesses. Art is for the people. And we strive for many hands of support to be involved in the creation of this singular, visual voice. If you have interest in being involved or hosting a DIY event please email us at info@savingfacessf.com.


By definition, an "art installation" is an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that often are site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space. Art connects ideas from patron, maker to visitor and beyond. This is a visual protest that enlists interaction on every level, from signing one's name, to coming together to make it and then exhibiting it around the globe for all to visit and participate in.  It is artwork that is inclusive to all and at all levels. The installation will be able grow and evolve as it "marches" to each location, asking visitors to come inside of the installation to "move" through the names of its supporters. Will this be through hundreds of thousands of strands of clear beads, stickers bearing signatures, or etched recycled metal, will this be suspended from the ceiling, formed into giant organic shapes and structures? We're keeping the suspense and not revealing just yet! But every name submitted will be incorporated in some form for our installations as a show of solidarity for our rights at stake. We ask you to sign up for our email list to watch this creation of the visual installation from petitions, workshops to creation and visual protest!